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During your initial consultation, Dr. Crifase will review your health history with you and go over your goals and concerns.


On the second visit, Dr. Crifase will have laboratory recommendations and explanations for you. On this visit, you will be provided with the recommendations and are to complete your lab tests. Dr. Crifase will explain the meaning of your test results to you in the follow-up consultations. He will create an individualized therapeutic program for you including diet changes, nutritional supplements, and exercise, lifestyle, and stress management advice.


Subsequent consults are scheduled to monitor your progress. Dr. Crifase will also design an on-going wellness program to be reviewed and updated with our staff at no charge every six months. We invite you to contact us via email or phone should you have any questions during the course of your treatment.

We look forward to assisting you in achieving your current wellness goals and guiding you in maintaining wellness throughout your life.

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Upload Your Labs Online:

Please upload your labs when you fill out your initial intake questionnaire. There is a place on the first page of the initial intake for you to upload your previous results. Please label your labs with their respected names/titles. Subject Line: Labs for “Patient’s Full Name.”

Please name the lab tests files you are uploading like this: (Date of the test, your name, type of test). Example (5-5-17 John Smith blood test or stool test).

This helps to sort through tests and review them faster at your consult. 

To your health,

The Dr. Crifase Wellness Clinic Health Team!

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