Functional Medicine Approach


Dr. Crifase’s approach is a personalized, root cause approach to your health. During this time, we will work together to explore the underlying mechanisms of your health challenges.

We start with the understanding that your body is perfect and is governed by the principles of nature. By approaching your health from this “new” perspective, we ask a new set of questions that uncover new opportunities to address your concerns. We believe that nothing can fix your body better than it can fix itself. Our goal is to educate, nurture, and remove interference so that you can heal deeply and completely.

This approach is ideal for those who want to get to the root cause of:

  • Autoimmune disease (MS, RA, Celiac, Type 1 Diabetes, Hashimoto’s, Psoriasis, etc)
  • Digestive disorders (IBS, SIBO, Crohn’s, Colitis, Heart Burn/Gastroesophageal Reflux)
  • Hormone and endocrine imbalances (Thyroid disease, PMS, Hot Flashes, PCOS)
  • Infertility
  • Joint pain/Muscle Pain
  • Diabetes Type 2
  • Thyroid Disease (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Graves’ Disease, Low Thyroid)
  • Chronic fatigue (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Pain)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Adrenal issues (Adrenal Fatigue, Addison’s Disease, Cushing’s Disease)
  • Cognitive decline (Brain fog, poor memory, difficulty concentrating, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s)
  • Chronic back pain, neck pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, bulging/herniated discs, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches


Our Functional Medicine Approach will enable you to finally find the answers you’ve been looking for. We will suggest the right lab testing, explore and address the emotional aspects of your issues, and teach you how to take the best care of yourself (and family) possible.

We love working with motivated patients who are deeply committed to their health. 

Features and Benefits
Comprehensive Consultations

Your consultations may be done in person or via phone/video. The type of consultation will be determined based on your personal needs. Your length of care will vary and continuing care options are available after you have completed the Functional Medicine Approach.



During your initial consultation, Dr. Crifase will review your health history with you and go over your goals and concerns.


On the second visit, Dr. Crifase will have laboratory recommendations and explanations for you. On this visit, you will be provided with the recommendations and are to complete your lab tests. Dr. Crifase will explain the meaning of your test results to you in the follow-up consultations. He will create an individualized therapeutic program for you including diet changes, nutritional supplements, and exercise, lifestyle, and stress management advice.


Subsequent consults are scheduled to monitor your progress. Dr. Crifase will also design an on-going wellness program to be reviewed and updated with our staff at no charge every six months. We invite you to contact us via email or phone should you have any questions during the course of your treatment.

We look forward to assisting you in achieving your current wellness goals and guiding you in maintaining wellness throughout your life.

You will automatically be enrolled in the clinic’s weekly newsletter to provide you with free cutting-edge health information to support you on your health journey. If you wish to not receive the newsletter, feel free and unsubscribe.

Upload Your Labs Online:

Please upload your labs when you fill out your initial intake questionnaire. There is a place on the first page of the initial intake for you to upload your previous results. Please label your labs with their respected names/titles. Subject Line: Labs for “Patient’s Full Name.”

Please name the lab tests files you are uploading like this: (Date of the test, your name, type of test). Example (5-5-17 John Smith blood test or stool test).

This helps to sort through tests and review them faster at your consult. 

Functional Lab Testing

Functional lab testing helps evaluate health on a cellular level. This testing is different from traditional testing because it helps to evaluate the root cause(s) of your health challenges instead of just diagnosing you. This testing is done through urine, stool, saliva, and/or blood.

Video Lab Interpretations

Each lab test provides us with detailed clinical data and insight into your cellular function. We want to make sure that you fully understand your lab results and that you can easily share them with your healthcare team if necessary.

Most importantly, the video lab interpretation allows you to become more involved and engaged in your own care. We believe that an informed patient gets much better long-term outcomes and becomes an active participant in their health and wellness.

Customized Supplement Program

After reviewing your lab results and evaluating your mineral and nutrients demands, we will recommend a personalized supplement program. Our recommendations will include only the highest quality products to create more predictable outcomes.

The Functional Medicine Health Approach

The Functional Medicine Health Approach is a comprehensive health and personal optimization program. It is personally designed for anyone looking to elevate their wellness or restore vitality.

The approach starts with a careful evaluation of your current and past social/medical/personal history. Based on a careful evaluation of your intake form and after listening to your story, we will determine the most appropriate lab testing to identify the root cause(s) of your symptoms.

Dr. Crifase’s Method

Dr. Crifase’s Method evaluates the 6 pillars of health. These include, energy production, detoxification/oxidation, brain health/mindset, diet/digestions, stress/hormones/inflammation, and lifestyle/environment.

Patient Materials

As a patient, you will receive a comprehensive, 300+ page patient education binder that will act as a resource on your journey. This binder is full of useful tips and covers content such as; nutrition, digestion, detoxification, hormones, exercise, and mindfulness.

Dr. Crifase’s Client Care Coordinator

Dr. Crifase’s Accountability Coordinator further personalizes and accelerates your outcomes. They will check in periodically to ensure that you are meeting your health goals and ensure you are supported throughout this journey.

Clinician email access

Access to Dr. Crifase improves compliance, maintains momentum, and keeps an open dialogue throughout your program. You can email Dr. Crifase or the client care coordinator with any questions that you have throughout your program.

Lifestyle and Nutrition Consultation

80% of your clinical outcome is based on your nutrition and lifestyle strategy. Because we realize the value of this and the impact it has on you and your family, we emphasize lifestyle and nutrition throughout the process. By taking better care of yourself, you can lead your family to better health. This is why Dr. Crifase has narrowed his focus in training to nutrition in practice. 

Facebook Community Group

Our private Facebook group allows you to stay connected with our community. This group consists of current and past patients along with other health seekers. In this group, we provide live Q&A every week along with exclusive content that we share with our most devoted followers.

This group provides a deeper level of engagement and helps you stay motivated and connected along the way.

Workshops, webinars, and web resources

Community and education are paramount to your long-term success. We offer LIVE workshops, LIVE Q&A, online training modules, YouTube channel and access to a growing library of health content.


Dr. Crifase’s  Functional Medicine Health Approach is personalized for each you to ensure that you get the results that you are looking for. Our promise is to do whatever it takes to help you find an answer. We promise to be cost conscious without compromising your outcomes.

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