Digestive Problems


Digestive problems can affect all body systems and often can seem unrelated to each other. Chronic exposure to toxins, poor diet, inadequate enzymatic production can cause digestive problems to linger for a long time.

Food Sensitivities

A lot of people suffering from digestive problems can have sensitivities to foods such as gluten, casein, lactose, fructose and more, which can cause an increase in other symptoms.


Diarrhea & Constipation

Diarrhea is typically more common, but constipation can be an issue for many as well while the bowels decrease their ability to respond. Malabsorption, as well as chronic toxin accumulation can perpetuate these symptoms.


Gas, Bloating, Cramping

Gas is caused by the fermentation of the food within the gut. With bacteria growing in the small intestine you may experience issues with pain and distention of the stomach area.


Chronic Health Conditions

Chronic illness such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, neuromuscular disorders and autoimmune diseases can be triggered due to an epigenetic issue caused by the issues related to digestive problems.


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